Book recommendations

My favourite genre is family and friend ship. I love it  because it’s always so dramatic and I love how it’s some times based on true stories.

I recommend Wonderling by Maria Bartok. I recommend it because it’s like real life, but with reality mixed in, it’s a bit sad but all the characters are so interesting and this book is one of my favourite books that I’ve ever read.

Right now for book chat I’m reading Toad Rage, and so far I don’t really enjoy it, it’s very childish and gross, I love the characters though, especially Goliath, I think he’s hilarious!!
A quick summery of the story is how all the humans hate toads, so Limpy decided to go out and find out why. I’m not going to spoil, but he wanted to become a mascot in a footy game, and, well, you’ll have to read it to find out what happens next!

What’s your favourite book from family and friendship?


What to look forward to this year

Dear Future Year 4’s, 

I hear you’re coming up to 4LX next year.

Here’s three things you should know: 

•  you need to have more responsibility with the buddies

•   when your at the nursing home every term you have to be loud so they can hear you.

•  when your on camp you have to be ready for staying up late and being away from your family.

A couple of things to look forward to are:

•  camp because there a massive swing that is so much fun

•  nursing home because you get to perform the nativity.
A time I laughed was when I wasn’t loud enough during the play and I kept shouting but I still wasn’t loud enough.

A time I was challenged was when I was learning how to do the times tables. 

I am proud of how I’m almost finished learning the times tables.

I always remember Mrs Lennox saying keep smiling.


Nativity play



“Who is this king?! There can not be a threat to my throne!” Shouted cruel king Herod. That is one of my lines that I played in the Nativity play.

We did a play about the nativity. I was king Herod. First we looked at the nativity in books, then we wrote the scenes. Then we choose our parts, I wanted king Herod and I got king Herod! Then we practised and practised. The first performance we did was for the nursing home that we go to every term, next the year 2s and the parents. Now we don’t have to perform again.

A challenge through out this nativity was that I had to be much louder and meaner because I was really mean. I worked to overcome this by trying to get louder every time. Over all I really enjoyed performing to the parents, year 2s and the residents at the nursing home.

Have you ever performed in a play before? What role did you play?



Droughts Information report

This term we were researching about natural disasters.

I researched and wrote my own information report about droughts. 


We ended the unit by creating dioramas to show our understandings and shared them with our year 2 buddies. Here is my diorama:



Whilst creating my diorama I most enjoyed when I finally finished and looked at it and felt really proud of myself.

Leave a comment telling me about a natural disaster that you have heard about.


Perimeter and Area

In Measurement and Geometry we are looking at calculating the perimeter and area of regular shapes.

Perimeter is the boarder of the shape. Area is the inside of the shape you measure this with a mm, cm, m and km and a small 2 at the top.

In the real world using knowledge of this would help you sell houses, help you know how much land there is some where and many other things.

What are some other ways to use perimeter and area in real life?



Comment Bonanza Month! We all shout into the sea of children. 

We were talking about August, because for all of the upper classes August isn’t just some ordinary month, BORING!  We decided August should be…


We were in assembly and telling every one about it. Now I’ll tell you what comment bonaza month actually is. It’s where we all compete against most of the upper classes to get the most comments and also to teach others how to do spectacular comments! 

So unfortunately it’s over, because now that you know about it, now it’s over. Because you could comment on my blog and help our class to win! But even though it’s over, you can still comment!






Eve pownall awards

This term in library we have been reading books selected from the CBCA 2019 Eve Pownall awards and then judging them. We were judging them on their visuals, information and their layout. We created criteria together. It is important for a non-fiction book to have… good pictures, good layout, the correct information and keeps the reader enthralled without being able to put the book down. My favourite book was the Make Believe by M.C Escher for kids. I really enjoyed it because it showed many drawings and sketches by M.C Escher, and he told us how to do some. I loved how there was so many optical illusions in it.

Make Believe is my favourite because…

There’s were a lot of pictures and optical illusions and 3D things. I gave him a 10/10 for the visuals. 

There were many things that made me want to see what was next, so for the layout I gave it 10/10.

It had lots of information on each page which informed us about the picture and about the author so I gave the book a 10/10. 

Have you ever read this book? How much did you enjoy it out of 10?


Harold the giraffe

Now I know you’ll probably be thinking that a we went to the zoo, but guess what we didn’t! The giraffe came to us!

Okay if I’m truthful the giraffe was a puppet but if he was real and he could still talk he would be really funny, well either way he’s really funny.

Let me explain. Life Ed van came to our school. For those of you who don’t know what the life Ed van is I’ll tell you, it comes to our school every year, we learn about how to live a happy life. Last year it was about your body, and how it works, then the year before that it was about the food you should eat and the balance that you need to live a long life.

Okay now I’ll tell you about this year, as I told you already, it was about cyber safety. Here are a few things I learnt.

  1. That online you might take things the complete wrong way than the sender meant.

  2. That there’s tons and tons of mean and careless people out there. That is why we have to be careful online.

(Okay this has nothing to do with what I learned but I really want to tell some one, my friend who I can’t say her name, kissed Harold! The puppet! Her first boy friend!)


Have you ever had life Ed van come to your school? What was it about? 

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